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Wilderness Immersion Counseling

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Wilderness Sessions

How do you feel when you are immersed in nature? Do you notice physical changes in your body? Perhaps less tightness in your chest, maybe more relaxed and possibly more aware of your surroundings. How does your thinking change when you are outdoors? Some people report being more alert and sharp, even able to think more creatively. How do you feel emotionally when in a natural environment? Greater calm? Sense of peace? Grounded? Connected?

Your counseling sessions can take place in an outdoor setting. I offer wilderness immersion counseling sessions and retreats throughout the Portland area and Oregon. Each session and retreat is specifically tailored to your own therapeutic goals and individualized treatment plan.

For some clients, this means moving the weekly counseling session outside to a local park or garden. For others, it's as simple as adjusting from the office chair to the balcony chair. You can choose the level of activity for each session. If you prefer to sit and talk, your outdoor session can take place at a park bench. Or, your nature-based session can include a hiking component and/or therapeutic experiential work.


Expand your ability to be mindful. Observe with curiosity.

If you would like a more intensive wilderness experience, I would encourage you to inquire about the customized trip options. Possible day and multi-day trips include: Oregon Coast, Mt. Hood, Mt. Jefferson, Three Sisters, Opal Creek, Oregon Badlands, Steens Mountains, Strawberry Mountain, Waldo Lake, Columbia Gorge, Crooked River National Grasslands, Crater Lake, Ochocos, Alvord Desert, Crater Lake and all of our wild Oregon.

I have extensive experience in Oregon's backcountry, and I am currently CPR and first-aid certified.

Expand your ability to be mindful.

Multnomah Village office

Keep in Mind

During outdoor urban and wilderness sessions, you may experience a serendipitous encounter with wildlife. Wild animals serve as great reminders for challenging modern day worries and at times irrational beliefs. The office balcony is also frequented by the resident pigeons and squirrels, busy hummingbirds and of course slightly vocal Portland chickens.



I believe that healing, growth and feeling a sense of peace

can be more easily achieved when immersed in nature,

and so I offer counseling sessions in local parks, gardens and

throughout the Oregon wilderness.

Good News! 

Your outdoor session may be covered by your health insurance plan. Please ask for details.

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